Sunday, 3 February 2013

Options for a potential second LP

Are you satisfied with the continuing antics of one teen girl with few manners but many stealthy bullets? Well, perhaps you're not, and you'd like to see something different on the channel, either as a followup once New Vegas is finished, or running alongside? Well, if you are, then this might be the thread for you. Here, you can suggest more possibilities for me to play unprofessionally, for your amusement.

Call this massive list as a chance for a declaration of interest. Sound off on all the options you think might be interesting, and we can pare down the list to stuff people might like to see, while giving more detail.

For an LP, I feel you really should be giving a game that offers a lot of customisation options, and various decisions for the punters to consider. User feedback is the core of the LP experience, at least in a small project done for friends like this one.

Special Super Robot Wars section: Wherein I recount possibilities for playing one of the popular Strategy RPGs starring a vast cast of anime characters that probably only I recognise.

SRW J: J for Judgement, its available with a full english patch. I've already done half of it in LP format, its possible I could try continuing that if I could find the save. But, I've played J extensively, about 5 times in total, and it really holds no surprises for me at this point. So I'd be really, really focusing on the storyline and every single stupid thing I can bitch about. Is that fun? I'm not sure.

SRW R: R for Reversal, a jaunty tale of time travellers, annoying kids, and Sad Robots. Graphics are not as good as those of J. While not tough per se, it's a good SRW for making one feel a little underwhelming in power. I've played through it twice so I should know most of the levels, and I have the option of using new game plus to start with some units much more powerful than they normally start. However, only the menus will be in english, so I'll either be using someone elses translation to narrate the events, trying to figure out whats happening from my accumulated mech knowledge, or just making up my own crazy fanfic-inspired bullshit.

D: D for Destiny. Not one I've played, but I've been more interested in it lately owing to various things. Similar to R, but with slightly different mechanics, and a very different roster. Again, not in english, so you're relying on me either being good at looking up different plots, or making bullshit up in the name of fanfic entertainment.

Alpha 2: A sudden jump from the GBA to the PS2, which doesn't emulate as well, so this might be iffy. Alpha 2 is a much more complex game than even its predecessor Alpha Gaiden, introducing the infamous Squad System to handle all the units you get. Still, that big roster means it has a lot of stuff to like, including a pet favorite series of mine.

Impact: An earlier PS2 outting, which more resembles Alpha Gaiden in systems and graphics quality. Infamous for being very long and very grindy, even by the standards of the series. However, it has a lot of series which rarely show up, so at least it would be an original experience. The plot is going to be a mix of stuff I know and don't know, so I'd imagine I'd be embellishing a lot.

Z: Like Alpha Gaiden, a massive game that requires a refined version of the Squad System to handle all the units. A massive sprawling game, with a mix of familiar faces and newcomers. Probably the most modern game I could potentially run, assuming the PS2 emulator behaves.

Original Generation Gaiden: A spinoff of a spinoff series, OGG is a continuation of Banprestos attempt to put as many of their own original characters in an SRW and run the storyline with just them. OG 1 and 2 are good in this regard, but OGG is a middle child, mainly a way to get the Compact 3 and Reversal storylines out of the way while setting up plot threads for the next game. The result is a scattered plot and uneven allotment of units, but its still a game setup I have a passing interest in.

Compact 3: A Wonderswan game, if you can beleive that. Mainly up for consideration because of its cool protagonist, and because it has Escaflowne for maximum Nostalgia from me.

64: Shockingly enough, the Nintendo 64 entry in the series. Pretty generic for the series, all things considered, and probably pretty primitive compared to later games.

GC: The Gamecube release, also available as XO for the Xbox, but a Gamecube emulator would be easier to handle. Uses an infamous 3D graphics style rather than the sprite animation the series is known for. The roster isn't particularly standout, unless you have a thing for obscure 90s shows and Monkey Punch character designs.

W/K/L: The DS entries in the series. W I'm less pushed about because its being LP'd on Something Awful (which makes it harder to pretend I don't know the storyline and make shit up), although it has a very fun and powerful roster (some might say too powerful...). K is not as popular because its given storyline is kiiinda crappy, though there are some interesting units, and hey, I can change things I don't like, right? Fanfiction away! L takes a lot of what K had and refines it, adding a simple but interesting set of original characters. I've actually played L so I have cleared files to abuse New Game Plus money if desired.

If you'd prefer, I can also take suggestions based on 'Which ones are My Favorite Anime in?'.

Informed LPs: Games I've played at least once, so I know what I'm doing

Skyrim: Played through once as Warrior. Almost finished a playthrough as an asshole imperial Wizard, with lofty goals of gaining ultimate arcane power. Considering Thief/Assassin playthrough as a sadistic Joker type, possibly becoming a vampire thanks ot Dawnguard?? (I do wonder though, wouldn't psycho assassin bitch be a little too like NV!Lat?)
Also, I haven't tried modding the game any, because I like to play out the base games stuff before I do major modification. But at this point, maybe its time?

Fallout 3: Played through twice, once normally, once exhaustively as a stealth character. To spice up the game would require Heavy modding, and either played as evil or as Full Justice Kamen Rider Cyborg. This one might be interesting if you guys pick out interesting mods to sample...
(Is this different enough from New Vegas to justify?)

KotOR 1+2: I played about half of KotOR 1 before I ragequit from a bullshit auto-kill plot gun, and every time I've tried to boot the game up since, I've gotten nothing but black screens. Some people have said I should just ignore the first game, and use the modded second game as a better benchmark. I'm not certain on that, but I could look into it, or just start over KotOR 1 from scratch (If I get the damned thing working ever again....).

XCOM: Completed once on Easy, abandoned midway through a medium-difficulty playthrough that was starting to turn to shit. I could do this easily (Well, I might fail, but recording my failure would be a simple task), but then, everyone has done a run of XCOM where the soldiers are their friends, haven't they?

Blind LPs: Games I haven't even touched, or barely looked at

Arx Fatalis: Unplayed, but apparently an semi-open-world RPG about going through an underground world looking for a god to kill.

Crusader Kings 2: A game about running a dynasty of nobles, though running the areas they rule is also important. I could run a scenario of a simple Irish king, or I could play a quick game off-camera to learn the mechanics, add some wierd mods, and try something a bit more wierd and ambitious.

Deus Ex: Considered the seminal FPS-RPG of the last decade, I have never gotten around to actually playing it yet. I had considered trying to do a melee/speed based run, the one that Human Revolution didn't really let me do properly, but if that's not a good plan for a beginner, I can go simpler. It is an LP after all.

Dragon Age Origins:  'The last good Bioware game', or so the story goes. Since its a pretty generic fantasy setting, I can go a lot of ways with a character, making this a nice open choice.

Empire/Shogun/Medieval/Napoleon/Rome Total War: Unplayed. I bought the entire pack in a Steam Sale, despite having no sure idea of what to do with them all. Are there any good or wacky mods for these games I could look into?

Legend of Grimrock: Unsure if this works as a screenshot LP, since its focused on a mix of puzzles and combat. You play four poor suckers thrown in a dungeon, and must get out through many levels of grindy puzzly goodness.

Mount And Blade: A game about playing the leader of a band of warriors in an off-brand medieval setting, massively open-ended so long as you don't get your head caved in. Would probably be looking into mods to make the experience more to my liking (See: Adding a tiny smidgeon of magic to add flavor, possibly allowing a female character). I also have access to the sequels, which are more polished games, but don't have as wide a selection of mods.

Civ V: Received for free with my preorder of XCOM. Listed for completeness, because its always an option, and theres mods out there, right?

Galactic Civilisations /Sword of the Stars/.Masters of Orion 1+2/Star Control 1/2/3: A bevy of space-based 4X games, modern and classic, with various options for galactic conquest and mass destruction. Do we want to try forging our ultimate empire across the galaxy? EDIT: Someone just bought be Endless Space, which is another option.

Terraria: A 2D minecraft-alike. I got 20 minutes into this and found myself getting kinda bored. Apparently best in multiplayer? Probably missed the boat on it.

Torchlight 2: All I know about this series is 'Its a Diablo Clone by the people who made Diablo'. This suits me just fine. I'm more than willing to roll up a generic character of the comments choice, and try to run through the game with it.

The Witcher: This appears to be the new 'highcore' RPG of the past few years, though mostly people praise the sequel. I'm willing to try getting my feet wet, though I can't promise I won't suck.

Fallout/2/Tactics: I've started up Fallout 1 twice, but never truly plowed into it like I'm 'supposed to'. I know its blasphemy but the simplicity of the modern FPS versions seems much more approachable. Still, this and its sequel are ever-present options.

Arcanum: I got a little into this game once, but not the whole way through (I beleive its from the same people as Fallout 1+2, ironically). I have an idea for a mostly-pacifist inventor character, though this game has plenty of options.

Baldurs Gate 1+2: The classics, available on I downloaded the originals and modded them with a fan-favorite mod, but only got a few hours of multiplayer in.

Neverwinter Nights/Icewind Dale 1+2/Temple of Elemental Evil: More D&D goodness, with the generic fantasy options abound.

Colonization: An older, slightly different Civ. Not sure how to make it all that interesting, though.

Sid Meier's Pirates!: Possibilities for some swashbuckling action as we try to play through the career of a pirate on the rise.

Master of Magic: An earlier fantasy Civ-Like.

Darklands/Realms of Arkania 1+2: More generic fantasy stuff, of the oldschool GOG variety.

Fable The Lost Chapters: I gather than the original is the Least Stupid of the Fable series, by some metric. I have the disc, I'm willing to pop it in.

Jade Empire: A classic Bioware game of kung fu action. I probably have been spoiled on the twist, but I'm willing to play through, see how things go.

Morrowind/Oblivion: I'm less enthused about these titles, not because of setting or old graphics or anything, but because of their older levelling mechanics and how I'd be afraid of screwing my character. Then again, perhaps this can be modded? If people have suggestions, we can work on them.


  1. Endless Space. As a prelude for Sword of the Stars 1. Because SotS2 is shit and ESpace is a bit easier to master that SotS.

  2. I'd say SRW GC, Arx Fatalis, or Realms of Arkania. Admittedly the latter is solely because IIRC the system behind it is completely arcane and they make you roll for rediculous things. I know there's a more recent, full 3D entry into the series that made you *ROLL TO PICK FLOWERS FOR USE AS ALCHEMY INGREDIENTS. WITH A HIGH CHANCE OF FAILURE*

  3. I'll say Z since I rather enjoy the Z storyline.

    1. Well, I don't know the Z storyline, so I'd either be cribbing notes from Mniedengard, or I'd be making shit up based on what little I know. Whichever people find more entertaining. If me shitting all over the storyline would annoy you, thats something to consider.

    2. Ahh I don't mind. I kinda made shit up as I went while playing as well. Though strangely enough it did turn out mostly right since I knew most of the plots of that game.. ANYWAY, go for it man! I just wanna see ya go through it!

  4. SRW R has potential for hilarity with made up descriptions. If Evangelion is covered by any of the series, that gets my vote also.

    For the others: Deus Ex, Galactic Civilizations 1 or 2. Crusader Kings 2 is a a great game but a playthrough *will* take considerable time.

    1. SRW R's roster list is:

      The 'Choudenji Brothers' Combattler V and Voltes V (Seen in ALpha Gaiden and J)
      Daitarn 3 (Seen in Alpha Gaiden), along with its predecessor Zambot 3.
      Gear Fighter Dendoh, a lesser-known series making its debut, and thus getting a major chunk of the plot.
      Shin Getter Versus Neo Getter, a much different take on the Getter Robo franchise than the half 70s anime, half 70s manga that was seen in Alpha Gaiden.
      The Universal Century Gundams, specifically Zeta Gundam, ZZ Gundam, and Char's Counterattack, all seen in Alpha Gaiden.
      G Gundam, the Gundam meets Dragonball Z series, seen in J.
      Gundam Wing Endless Waltz, as seen in Alpha Gaiden.
      Gundam X, as seen in Alpha Gaiden, but apparently without the post-apocalyptic elements, kinda.
      Mazinger Z and Great Mazinger, seen in Alpha Gaiden (No Mazinkaiser unfortunately)
      and finally, Nadesico, as seen in J, but with the addition of parts of its infamous sequel, Prince of Darkness.

      Evangelion only gets covered a few times in the series, namely in F and F Final, Alpha 1 and 3, MX, and the first (and a half) of the new movies is covered in L. These I could cover, though L would probably be the easiest to handle.

  5. Crusader Kings is a good game, but it's really big and tough to do a LP of.

    Galactic Civilisations 2 is amazing.

    Fallout 1 & 2 are a lot harder games than one might think. This can make getting your story across harder... though having to bravely run away from the first bunch of fights could add to the story.

    1. Crusader Kings 2 is an awesome game but you're going to find it very difficult to LP unless you've sunk a couple of dozen hours into the game beforehand. Steep learning curve.

    2. I am aware of the downsides of trying a blind LP, thats why I clearly marked which games I knew and which I'd be learning. I do want to try more of the unplayed games on my Steam and GOG accounts, but I just find myself wandering off and getting lost on the net, or playing Mechwarrior Online.

      Steam Shame Piles seem to be a hallmark of the modern PC gamer, I wish there was a fix, but there isn't really.

  6. So the Shortlist seems to be:

    Arx Fatalis
    Realms of Arkania
    Crusader Kings 2 (though iffy)
    Endless Space
    Deus Ex
    Galciv 1 or 2
    Fallout 1 or 2
    SRW GC
    SRW L or Alpha 3(For Eva)
    SRW R
    SRW Z

    And I've had two offers from friends of mine: One to do his own LP of Euro Truck Simulator, for whatever reason, and put it here, and another to do a joint Icewind Dale co-op LP. So, interesting times.

    I'll have to think on all these options. And probably make another post to get more feedback (because that always works). Let me know if you have thoughts on this approach.