Saturday, 23 February 2013

Chult Update before we begin

So the final party composition has been discussed and selected. Iskar will be a straight Cleric of Uthgar, god of Barbarians, Animals, Strength, and Places where it's cold. Nothing special here aside from building him for buffing himself and teammates. Gilgamesh will be a Warlock because I keep messing up as a Sorceror, so the combo of better durability and combat ability would be preferable. He'll be acting as the 'party face', so Ao help us all. I'll probably stick with him as a pure Warlock until I qualify for a Gish PrC from one of the mods we're using. Bartleby will head towards the Dragon Warrior PrC, probably with Frenzied Berserker making up any levels after he finishes that. And, after checking the mods and discovering that the awesome Swift Hunter feat has been made weaksauce in adaptation, Lila will be a pure Scout, allowing us much-needed trapfinding abilities on a mobile and stealthy sneak attacking platform.

We should be doing our 'recording' sometime tomorrow, so stay tuned for a post in the next day or two!

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