Thursday, 21 February 2013

Let's Play New Vegas, Part 19: An Inconvenient Troupe

Whoop! Wasn't I supposed to be doing something else on top of all these other games? This time I've only let a month pass between update, so at least I'm improving, right?

5ECC4B59584208C3C2E7BCA131B1464CD6C1E61F (1280×720)

I can't lug around all this combat armor, its weighing me down too bad. And giving it to Boone will mess with his styling tux....I guess I'll just have to buy something from this robot. Damned capitalism.

4055E34D54474DC05727F34BE7D52007E0D626E3 (1280×720)

Eh, not the most exciting upgrade to a gun, but its designed to put lead in the air so I guess bigger mags are a wise choice.

89C5F105F2E48F167D59F956D7D839CE39793558 (1280×720)

Lessee, I want rebreather parts, and those techno guys from the Brotherhood of Steel might be just the people to help. Yes Man said I had to meet them anyway soooo.....Looks like the easiest way to get to them is to is heading back to where I got my first Sunset Sarsparilla Star Cap, of all places.

4DB03336ADF41E48067EF9D8460AA9D5E642C8E0 (1280×720)

Been a while since we were in open desert like this.

3F757942B3A2AC4E33A42733079E62414844945E (1280×720)

Oh! There's the prison, I heard about it from the NCR guys, it was taken over by the Powder Gangers right?

BA3B3126F4B5461D8C45E4AF2C6447320E51552B (1280×720)

I see some of their patrols about. I don't thiiink I'm in their bad boots, but I did kill a few of them, so I'll sneak past to be safe.

The Powder Gangers still show up as nuetral on my radar, which is odd given I've shot at least two of them. Usually I find it really easy to make your reputation with them nosedive, but I'll take this gift horse while I can.
Another reason to avoid their camps is all the mines they spread everywhere, of course.

A1E0416C43AE9951D949D7FD3BB00A6E8F72074F (1280×720)

Okay, here we are. Um.....Is this a place? I don't see anything.

E52E09DAE32DE9A49346A1B594867205148A2022 (1280×720)

I mean off in the distance I can see radio towers and stuff, but here....

48BE67CBB4774EC690A06D1CCA8937B3B2BDA3F0 (1280×720)

Oh, here we are! Looks like there's something underground, that must be where they're hiding.

EB8D76969AF8187E477A3C0CEC6C7E1D9F4DCBE9 (1280×720)

Ooh, door with intercom. I remember I got a passcode from that dead guy outside Nellis, if I just use that they should let me i-

DCB6ACB9600ACAF7F5622A09939F787FF73F5E43 (1280×720)


404226AAA21059767DF5DA8A77BC008AA8E5C091 (1280×720)
C635E79279F5739DBFC25CF8B86CA7FB1A66B333 (1280×720)

Woah woah WOAH! Slow down hotshot, we only just met! I don't do stripshows for strangers! You'd better start talking sense.

081F8B2EA946928F69256B8FC4F1907C0289CA16 (1280×720)

....Son of a bitch. Okay, I guess you get your thrill for the day, asshole.

0F76F8BC28D76CD74136F0F83B72CC2C6628D5E2 (1280×720)


AAB32D310BB88CC25D833F949761EC168BC0A359 (1280×720)

Goddamn perverts.....Hey! Why does Boone get to keep his tux? It can't get because of his style, Benny's suit has three times the swag of that!

01FDA106D5239BE38ACF083F802C11A46FBFF706 (1280×720)

....I think you're a little confused, buddy. But if there's a guy who actually knows why I'm nearly naked in here, I want to see him, now.

D3CDD29E5AA90DA3C353936834A6EC9C8E588476 (1280×720)

Right, right. Can't I at least get a drape? This is so embarressing....

Paladin Ramos' little cameo here really doesn't have much point.


396D52C8C9B9B556D70097B44A6752D16E4B2779 (1280×720)

Can't I at least put on Boone's Tux Jacket?

F9CF055B9624AF3CE3B25BCC1AFAE11833456029 (1280×720)
EEC6CF1C800F6B02CE4AFC744F27C71154302E8F (1280×720)

Please note that 'the truth' in this situation would be 'A robot in New Vegas told me you might be here, so I decided to check you guys out', which isn't one of the given options.

2F5DBE4739A03792629008DC7053F8E465537559 (1280×720)

You have warm clothes and shoes, and aren't standing on a cold metal grating. Yeah, I'm sure it's real uncomfortable for you.

819F4955B211FF7842D46240A5D3648381199EA5 (1280×720)
C872EC11299A1FEF12077BA6E3DD277C6BED33A2 (1280×720)
111F15E9935F20A0915D366AC17D047BCA1E04FB (1280×720)

No need to be coy, everyone else in the Wasteland needs charismatic skilled strangers to do their dirty work, it's accepted practice.

6D0D1032BE2193379A2D5492B9911CCD555DE77C (1280×720)

One NCR underpaid underequipped schlub? Doesn't seem like something you need to set up a kidnapping scam to handle.

BC895ADB27FB5E6F2794A5C2CE32FF47AC506C41 (1280×720)
1B963AADFB467E755154D939B160C9B891A68158 (1280×720)

....You're not helping me shake the feeling this is just a peepshow for you lonely bunkerdwellers. But ok, I can get rid of a guy for you.

1B87F01B8804ADE9DB735DCDD291C050169AD489 (1280×720)

I'll be back before you can unzip your fly.

0EA29B6AD548620F8272819489849C2EF00FE113 (1280×720)
7BF0D5E7BE70367C6FE0AEEDD08BF669741DB65F (1280×720)
70DEA9517E5DF72E819BBC6467D4C7F669161AF4 (1280×720)

....You son of a bitch. I do not wander anywhere.


BE7977CB47E5DCED2D23C7E65F9C9F9A6D5C9F1D (1280×720)

This thing totally does not go with this suit.

28839736BF93C548A995058F1613524FCCB2E44E (1280×720)
D720ACDBD414BB755E9FCB68F418893827A3DED9 (1280×720)

Nuts, guess there's no choice.

According to the wiki, in theory if you had high enough Lockpick and Sneak, you could get back into the bunker and pickpocket the key to the collar from Elder McNamara. But we're only level 10 and Lockpick hasn't been a priority skill for us, so no luck there.

9CF559C621914B83E077FF49B638738485D23F0A (1280×720)

Why would anyone even come here? There's nothing but rocks, dog-sized scorpions, and Tunnel Perverts.

DEC04351CDC249C1FCA1901C9550126D4BEF2F9B (1280×720)

Well whatever, if it gets this fucking thing off my neck.

2955D949BE2C9E7F6794003F2D4C5A2CE91466D4 (1280×720)

There, I see him by the campfire...

There are a couple of ways to handle Ranger Dobson. You can talk to him and trick him into leaving, or try sabotaging his equipment to force him to leave.

F08CABF6835883B9C452CC3FDE50E08353E367F5 (1280×720)

I figure Latooni would rather be Thorough and Efficient.

8DCF3A5209F76C8CE44FEB731938E9CA96B9F943 (1280×720)

Somehow, despite being totally stealthed, the sky fairies of the NCR spread the word that sometimes I help them, sometimes I find it simpler to kill them. As I've said, I really don't care about my NCR reputation, other than that if it drops too low, I'll lose Boone as a companion. I'm perfectly willing to go the game alone if need be, but I don't intend to go out of my way to hurt the NCR, only push them aside if they're being inconvenient like here.

ADCFA4172807427E132DEE3985216951B0EFCB1A (1280×720)

Ooh, this guy had his camp set up nice. Loads of food and water, and sniper ammo, don't mind if I do!

F7AFDF393BCC4E88A92F8097B59AC7612174D172 (1280×720)

Ooh, nice gun! Another for the collection, I think.

The Hunting Rifle is the same weapon that Boone uses to great effect. Compared to the Sniper Rifle, it has higher damage per shot, good for busting through armor, but a much lower fire rate. It also lacks a scope as standard.
I don't take the guys armor as all his food and water have taken a sizable chunk of my free inventory space, but it is a nice set of medium armor with DT of 15, which Boone should be able to wear, if we were sick of the tux.


87477BED99F61B343545C37F6623F42B07BB689C (1280×720)

Like most other situations, with a high-caliber round to the brainstem. You need to aim for the lower part of the brain to ensure a kill, beleive me, I know from experience.

FC7E22AC6B200E34D6DE65FEC0AA54DC30E9297C (1280×720)
20BA9309F859C52A142F408244ADC7524670AD0B (1280×720)

Curses! If only I'd thought to pop a magazine before going into the bunker!

Eh.....You're kinda assuming I care, Eldo. You said you wanted one guy out of the way, if you wanted me to tak on the whole NCR you should have said so.

B9FB6B40235448CA6DCB432463B7C2FBB946B78F (1280×720)

Only a microphone? No camera? Good.

38B168567B74E70D69EB51B26D6FC008C487C53F (1280×720)


118DC14F6324731C49BD9105C1830493B5181E18 (1280×720)
A8E89F65D8318F7983F445CDC257F7057AF0FB74 (1280×720)
4EB24494B25E1BA7D0E20E998E50C78910194842 (1280×720)
72A84833FA2D56A931B0B8F750619879BEA3D06E (1280×720)

....You think I'm just a brute?? Oooooh you motherfucker....


Well, that wasn't the most pleasant of experiences, now was it? Quite a complex relationship we've built up with the Brotherhood in such a short time, isn't it? Well, now we have to figure out how to react to this little incident.

1) We can leave, perhaps after stealing a few items, and then never return, telling Yes Man that these guys are nobodies and not worth worrying about in our future rulership of the Mojave.

2) We can work with them, getting ourselves involved in the politics of the Brotherhood and seeing what tasks they might have for us. This is the route to take if we want to have the Brotherhood help us out in military matters, such as the end of the game.

3) We can go home, gear up with all the anti-armor weapons we have access to, and come back to kill every motherfucker in the bunker. WARNING: Again, we're only level 10, and while sneak attack criticals can be a great equaliser, this would not be a very easy task, and I foresee a lot of savescumming and stimpak abuse to take out all the paladins without being pasted by endgame energy weapons. Also, Armor-piercing ammo is rare and expensive at this point in the game.

4) We stick around and look for.....vunerabilities in the bunker, which we can use to give the Brotherhood their comeuppance for not being nice to their houseguests.

What shall it be? Let me know in the comments section. I promise to get back to this situation a little quicker than last time, even if I do have some other projects to worry about at this point.


  1. Maybe you could stick around and see if they're all useless bastards. This McNamara fellah seems full of charm, surely he's gotta have pissed off some of the others along the way.

  2. Some combination of 2 and 4. OOC it's really a matter of wanting to get trained to use their tech. I know she's not really the type to use the power armor but it'd be hilarious to see at least once.

    1. It'd also make a good diving suit for going underwater to the bomber.

  3. I'ma say 2 and 4. Lets steal their secrets and then blow them up later if they keep being dicks.