Sunday, 17 February 2013

The Best LPs have two guys, this is known.

So, in the interest of explaining my madness, I should elaborate on what occured after my last attempt at getting feedback. Basically, Sand and Rabe were inspired by my call for ideas, and pitched their own ideas seperately. You've already seen Rabes contribution, but Sand has a different approach. He'd like to help me with my second LP....By being the co-participant. Yes, the concept of a two-person LP is what's being waved around, which means a very different look at the options on the table.

After reevalutating the options, I've found the following games which might suffice for our purposes, and let us both contribute to the ongoing game.

Icewind Dale: A classic Infinity Engine RPG, each of use would take on 3 PCs in the party, and brave the north of Faerun for questy goodness, presumably to kill something bad and take its stuff. Uses AD&D rules which I'm not as comfortable with, but might be an interesting endeavour. The characters would be partially designed by the two of us, but the audience would have many options to throw their suggestions into the mix.

Icewind Dale 2: As above, but with D&D 3.0 rules, which I'm more familiar with. They might not be the most balanced rules in the world, but they're grokkable, and I can easily slide into them. Again, character concepts from the crowd are very welcome.

Neverwinter Nights: More advanced than IWD2, and with a lot of nice community support, NVN might be the flexible option for an RPG, if we go track down some interesting stuff to play.

Mount and Blade Warbands/With Fire And Sword: The Mount And Blade franchise had become something of a multiplayer phenomenon, mutating from an open-world single-player RPG where you lead a small army on pretty much whatever you want to, into the gritty first-person brawler War Of The Roses. We not only have a solid game that we can explore the hell out of, either in medieval era or in the early gunpowder era, but we have HELLA modding options, from tiny tweaks to full conversions of the games to different settings, some of which miiiight be familiar. This is the option which we can gather a LOT of suggestions from you guys for.

Torchlight 2: On the flipside, TL2 is a simple game, with several players teaming up to hurt monsters and acquire material goods, with a selection of customisable classes to pick from, and much questing to be had.

Civilisation 5: Moving away from RPGs, the option is presented to try a long-form strategy game, with each of us heading up an empire and moving it towards, well, Civilisation. Obviously we'd be teaming up to take on the AI, unless you really wanted us to be at odds. MOD ALERT: Instead of the vanilla game or Gods and King upgrades, we could try a Fall of Heaven 2 playthrough, with each of us as a fastasy race of some description seeking more mystical goals.

Sword of the Stars: Another '4X' game, this time set in space, with a galaxy to exploit. Ideally we'd use something like Galactic Civilisations for this, but that doesn't have multiplayer, so we have to look elsewhere. Its not as clear whether SotS would work for a long form LP, but apparently you can set the map to huge, so thats a good start.

Endless Space: A more story-driven 4X, which allows for more wacky input from the two of us, as our weird approach to semi-roleplaying hits Amplitude's attempts to be serious and epic.

Total War: Shogun 2: This is the 'hold off for a while' option, since TWS2 is due to get a big content update/DLC/GOTY thing in March, so it wouldn't be wise to start on it right away. For those not in the way, Total War is RTS with emphasis on the battles, with individually rendered dudes in formations beseiging castles and suchlike, and Shogun is the version set in Glorious Nippon, with Tokugawas and Nobunagas and such. Might be a bit more straightlaced than my usual fair, but we might be able to give it a unique slant.

So, what do you guys all think of this idea? Are we madmen? Have we gone too far from what you expected? Or is this something you might like to see us try our hand at? Please, tell us all! Leave comments below on what might interest you! We have a lot of options, so tell us what you want to see!


  1. Icewind Dale 1 or 2
    NWN (but not the core adventure, it's bland)
    Mount and Blade (it and mods sound interesting)
    Endless Space

  2. Imma vote for Neverwinter Nights. There are some... interesting fan created adventures for it. Like, a really awesome one I'm forgetting the name of

    1. Ah, here's the set of modules. Derp.

    2. I second the Penultima (and by extension, Penultima ReRolled, the sequel campaign).

      Daftfun all the way through, and the daftness and the fun only gets better as the modules progress, along with the epicness of the scope.

      Though I'll still have flashbacks to those ninja chickens...

  3. One vote for Torchlight 2.

  4. And one vote for Sword of the Stars, because I am not best fan of RPGs.

  5. NWN, core campaign. I wanna see how hard everyone snarks on it, damnit.