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Let's Play a Total Bitch in: Fallout New Vegas

Sorry for those who voted for other options, but I've kinda had an itch to play another WASD-based game after Skyrim. Whenever I try another game my fingers head for the Tab key to bring up my menu and gulp down 15 health potions and a Draught of Berserking before a big fight. But mainly this is a proof of concept post, to let you guys know what my ideas are and where I'm going with all this. If you guys like the approach but would rather it in a new game, just let me know in the comments.

This playthrough will be in marked contrast to my previous one, where I played a goody-two-shoes, smile-for-all-of-gods-radioactive-monstrosities type who played nice and killed as few people as possible until the endgame, where a tragic misunderstanding in Caesars camp led to her slow descent into blood soaked madness. Also I was a Science and Energy Weapons character, which will be something I probably avoid in this run, at least at first.

I should note I'm planning to have italics be my out-of-character commentary, and the rest should be read in-character.

Tuesday, 20 December 2011

The Internet is like Minecraft: You have to give yourself a project

An ulterior motive for making this blog is that I've been seeking a creative outlet, now that I'm again away from most gamers and chances to game communally. So I'm opening discussion on possible projects I could try:

Insert Obligatory Introduction Here

As the Internet continues to Facebook-ify with a side of Twitter, old stalwarts like the once-monolithic Livejournal are becoming ghost sites, inhabited by spambots and people who think posting comicbooks online is perfectly ok. Thus the old habit of mine of occasionally rambling on for 50 paragraphs about geek paraphenalia is no longer viable on my old LJ, as without an audience for the whole thing to tell me how wrong I am, I would be better served shouting at a mirror.

I generally consider this trend to be a bad thing because I value substance in what people say over the number of times they say it, and the currently fashionable social outlets don't really accommodate substance, unless you're liking or +1ing something you wrote elsewhere (which I'm probably going to end up doing to this post). Its all very well to use social media to tell people things, but I generally find the minutae of my life and gaming to either be not worth the times of others, or to require longer, breathier, slightly-too-into-it rants.

Hence, I suppose, this move, to finally make the leap to Blogger and try to carve out something in the mire of the internet that's worth peoples time to read. I don't expect to be the next Yahtzhee or have my thoughts get +100 on Reddit or anything, but having a place to empty my brainwaste online is something I've been seeking for a while now, so I'll give it a shot, see where it takes me.