Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Double Double Trouble

Okay, so, turns out? We're inspiring each other before we've even really begun with this idea of a collective of LPing. The co-op LP that Sand and I will be doing has brought on the possibility of myself and Raven doing one as well, though in his case, his superior recording technology allows for the experience to be captured on video, instead of the usual hundreds of screenshots, and host them on his existing youtube channel. So, interesting possibilities abound. How might we use such an oppurtunity? Hmm.....

Options for a full series of videos:

Iron Brigade: Formerly known as Trenched, this is a third person action tower defense game, with the proviso that the towers are actually walking tanks, shooting some form of alien zombie nazis during steampunk World War One, because thats how history works. While it has a cool concept and a full coop campaign to try out, I've never actually played it before, because of a little thing called Games For Windows Live, which similarly prevents me from playing the Arkham games. Still, if prompted I can limber up to run the gauntlet of Microsoft Trying To Help, and get the thing running at last.

A Valley Without Wind: A procedurally generated metroidvania? What an intruiging concept. Watch as Rabe and I bulletspam our way through the randomness of Environ, probably dying quite a lot.

Terraria: Alternately, we could play 2D Minecraft, and dig up a small continent to make houses for people and then this will let us kill giant bosses somehow. For bonus points, it will mean Rabe will be closer to his dream of being just like TotalBiscuit.

War for Cybertron: The chronicles of the conflict between the Super Robot Lifeforms of Takara/Hasbro fame, as we grind through the story modes in coop, shooting many childrens playthings in our quest for/against Dark Energon.

Dungeon Defenders: Orcs May Die is a fun game, no doubt, but Dungeon Defenders is considered the title most suited to multiplayer fun. Also, the Warmage would probably upstage all our terrible jokes with his own, so the silent protagonists of this varied class-based game might be better suited.

Dawn of War 2: In the Grim Darkness of the Far Future, someone turned a fairly solid if standard RTS into a squad-based tactical game, and lo, the ability for some proper co-op fun was granted by the Emperor's Grace. I have the 3 versions of this game thanks to Steam sales, so the maximum number of mission options are available.

Magicka: You play wizards with different spells with wildly varying effects. Combining your spells with your partners results in even more wildly varying effects. And there is no turning off friendly fire on your quest for.....I'm not sure what the quest is in aid of actually, but I assume lots of people have to die for some reason, mostly player characters.

Portal 2: Two cute robots are ordered by a kindly lady baker to fling themselves through rips in space-time to solve simple physics puzzles. Perfectly harmless, right?

Possible Oneshots or short series:
Mount and Blade: Mentioned here again, analysis shows that M&B is geared for multiplayer battles more than long-form stories. This might be a good excuse to try out the later games, where the series embraces its military simulation spectacle nature more, over the RPG elements.

Team Fortress 2: The worlds greatest hat collection simulator, now with guns! Watch Rabe, myself, and possibly some guests take on...well, probably those waves of infinite robots, but we might be convinced to take on some fleshy opponents, if we can team up correctly.

Killing Floor: Its like Left For Dead, except you're doing survival in a tight urban space instead of running through constant setpieces, and theres a kindly gun merchant to sell you bullets between waves.

Just Cause 2 multiplayer mod: I've been having a blast with Hispanic Hookshot Hgenocide 2 lately, but the base game doesn't have Saint Row's easy drop-in co-op play (On the upside, it doesn't crash every 20 minutes). Still, if I was willing to graft some fanmade code to the side of this lean tiger of a game, we can have 2 Rico Rodriguezs pacifying the natives in the name of american hegemony.

Orion: Dino Beatdown: Its kinda like Killing Floor, only instead of zombie demons there are dinosaurs! And instead of tight spaces there are massive maps to get lost on in all the vehicles! And also its debatable whether it's wellmade because it constantly needs to be patched! But, we can try it anyway.

Shank: I'm not certain if the entire Shank experience is co-opable, but there are at least some options for people to team up and stab many people with sharp objects, possibly while also shoot-juggling them.

XCOM multiplayer: Not very deep, in fact incredibly not-deep, but a nice oppurtunity for a once-off murder-time.

Mechwarrior Online: It's a Beta! But as it slowly improves to the point where it's an actual game, MWO is a fun timewaster, with large clunky robots shooting each other. Watch us fail at laser and disgrace House Steiner in the PUG Ghetto.

So, what do you think of the possibilities? Or perhaps you have some other suggestions? Maybe instead of co-op, you'd like to see us go head-to-head sometime? Let us know in the comments below!


  1. Magicka. Wizard Suicide Simulator HO!

  2. As Sci hasn't given me editing rights (You bugger :<), I'll have to elaborate on a couple of things:

    XCOM's Multiplayer is head-to-head-only, from what I can recall. Mechwarrior Online made my PC whinge when they upgraded the CryEngine it was running on, so that's something to be aware of. Shank's co-op is a seperate story from the singleplayer, and acts as a prequel to the main game, and I have never played Dungeon Defenders before. (inb4 everyone piles onto DD now that I've said that)

    1. Er, I meant to offer the two of you Admin rights, but I guess I forgot. If you want I can change that.

      MWO didn't *upgrade* the CryEngine it was on, it *downgraded* from DirextX 9 to 11. They have been doing optimisation since, but haven't switched back to that is presumably better-optimised DX11. So you could give it a try, to see if any of its taken. I know I run the whole thing on Low (except for Environment effects, because otherwise the popin can make buildings into invisible cover.

      I haven't played DD either, or even bought it. It just stands out in the third-person Defend-your-towers genre as being the most multiplayer-focused.

  3. Magicka. Have fun with killing each other.

  4. Magicka, Mount and Blade or Killing Floor.

  5. I'm gonna vote for A Valley Without Wind, purely because I've not heard of it and it sounds really interesting.

    1. A Valley Without Wind could be considered a variant of Terraria, but with more of an emphasis on the Metroidvania-style adventuring. There's also ~magic~. Go look up WTF Is A Valley Without Wind, it's very informative. There's also a demo available on Steam!