Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Let's Play New Vegas Part 23: Drugs solve everything!

This update went a lot smoother, and took a lot less time than I thought. Yay for success?

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Huh? There's nowhere to put this damned keycard, how do I use the terminal?

3809E5EDD936002BDB49DC04BAD987058D27DCAB (1280×720)

Oh wait, the door unlocks when I put the card near it. Must be an electric thing.

Not pictured: Me going all the way back to the end of the tour to make sure I'd actually picked up the keycard.

19DFC552CF0CA370D301BA18CBDBA435C4F90D0C (1280×720)
5BFFCBC9492DA0C11CF300DBB70C81710B6AE9E1 (1280×720)

More locked computers and locked doors, gah! This place is annoying.

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Oh, crap! Guess I need to trick the system more. One of these consoles must be security, but, how do I get in?

A48AB7BEBE0E5FD417D306D7BD3A6F6120847056 (1280×720)

I mean, I'm not dumb, its just I never focused on sciency computery stuff before.

1A119615B4C4E1DFD2BA8C610CC0C9E6C34F41DA (1280×720)

Maybe this magazine will explain it? I dunno, its kinda technical. I just need some help translating it before the robots go feral.

A6B6A3AD75F21B9A7F1A879B10BAE129BE3146CC (1280×720)

And what better help than chemical help! Ooh, I'd forgotten how effervescent the reactants were on the tongue. Banana Flavooouuuur.

DCAE925DAECF5E7FBF32E3B59441952478F637F6 (1280×720)

Everything makes way more sense now why didn't I just use the computer earlier I'm so dumb.

165695724FACC8DC6FE16BEAA36B048C7A4D10A0 (1280×720)

Of course the password is Marauding why wouldn't be it's practically written on the guys desk you just need to put the clues together

F3C10ACF761E143E786BC9611871F043ADED92EC (1280×720)

Done and Done Why am I even still here?

The Inter-Office Correspondences throughout the various terminals are criminally boring and tell nothing of import. Basically the new management just emailed people constantly to remember the various security updates. So I'll skip them for brevities sake.

77842CC8C116FEB471E6D6844A4F990AA62261F3 (1280×720)

Hello mister robot you don't give a shit about me and Ronnie anymore that's cool.

3CAD14D5E478DB664163B07F6A1926AB9D5DD223 (1280×720)

This door is sealed super tight the computers quadruple locked and the place is armored so tight a mininuke wouldn't burn through that's annoying I wonder whats so valuable that they keep it in there.

D0C2384B180A6711F587738B017B2035E82E64A0 (1280×720)

Anyway upstairs now.

ABCB43D39425CC54848A221B77CF78DDAD5F6C8F (1280×720)

OH GOD THE EYES ARE BACK oh wait it's a poster but still that's kinda rude to just leave something there where everyone high on mentats can see it.

ADB9283B2985BA981329B1F7EF94D15D87307C44 (1280×720)

Computers solve everything I don't know why I keep ignoring them so much.

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Okay I will thanks for asking.

241EA12324D873464852D6DBEF2DCD5C6290A64D (1280×720)

Oh wow a 147 page treatise on the uses of plasma rifles how useful I needed some light reading to pass the time.

This is about the only time my Energy Weapons score is going to go up, so might as well use it. I'm not going to be taking Comprehension, so no point saving it for that. Lat only reads when her mood is induced in the right way.

978B199382FF1563249E8E3329A30D88614B32B8 (1280×720)

Finally a pressure cooker now the cute blond guy in the explodey people place can make me the water breathing thing and I can blow up the plane with balloons or whatever it was.

B0AAF72B44D08BE1775DE97E5220BFF892B21BB4 (1280×720)

Okay I will thank you for asking.

DEFF1824E3B920A47E7C0AC488EB40C737C03D1A (1280×720)

Ok damn they lock everything around here its kinda paranoid I mean noone else but me is stealing from them right?

FBD6A8166E1C7F927CAD0ECF15E8F186638FA174 (1280×720)

Ok now I'll go up to the next floor because thats where the Brotherhood signal is coming from.

546C3E8D0D37F4A6C427575A5BE750E529B0B907 (1280×720)

Oh no wait there's another door in the kitchen up through the ruined floor that's a much better way to get in.

4DDB9DDEB3B360B55134E89C95A8092DCB9B204D (1280×720)

Uh a computer even I cannot understand what bullshit is this why is everything so difficult.

D36F43F62F675E579D8E97C26A252CEAB8A2E4E6 (1280×720)

Crap there's a robot patrolling outside maybe if I shoot it before it spots me it'll go away to robot hell.

AC525CF52FF16FFA89E717EBEB40EAC2BAA4BE75 (1280×720)


E2EB3C127C75CF63C7E5BEDDF003BB4DD8CC606E (1280×720)

Wait the answer is Ice Cream I mean duh that's just obvious.

Actually the drugs didn't help here, and in fact in-game the mentats had worn off on the previous floor, but this is more narratively cohesive than a lucky guess I made because I took more of the critical hit stat.

31E7D056C31912845D8BF874F097F98514F910C1 (1280×720)

Okay I will thank you for asking.

D996363928DBE596C94B49F492443DEE5823E64B (1280×720)

Ugh....I can never tell if Mentats make me smarter or dumber....Oh hello, whats in the box?

B32EB03D1CCF50D71D4F6C0B557140F322154E56 (1280×720)

An awful lot of Old World money and a keycard, apparently. Huh, handy.

If you can't luck past the robots or hack the computers, this is your alternative means of getting through this floor provided you can get to it before you're interrogated. Though oddly the robots still occasionally asked me for the password while I had the card.

C70537B8AEEB42FCCC8040126D0207704BFC7EEE (1280×720)

Compared to the suitcase, the office safe is practically empty, though its probable the two things were linked.

C5C522B235D6B142DA778570081CF56E1B2DE9B8 (1280×720)

And here are our two Paladins, killed by, of all things, a rotted cieling. So much for hyper-advanced power armor.

Actually, I never read these mission tapes after the first....

A33C96AD0F233DBD90B48CC5A7D0E7D3D3541473 (1280×720)
FB66A3F421B74E78C5795B58A07B06D635A91183 (1280×720)
30EC0D0E7A6216BC92002A7CD1ED44FA8D565141 (1280×720)
B88D371AD3CB29152100122F17427AE60D93AA6A (1280×720)

Huh, nothing suspicious there, though I really have to wonder how the Brotherhood could have thought those mutant thingies could have been any use to them. But the main thing is that this definitively proves that McNamara was the one calling the shots on these missions.

548EBAEE0BDD305AE4376E531A9D60F4B0812446 (1280×720)

Oh, you fixed up that battered armor pretty well, Ron. Doesn't look too bad on you.

Only one DT more than what she had from Hardins spare suit, but hey, saves me carrying it.

0987B97F6B7D596EE5D690569840516CE349A459 (1280×720)

Could you...stop saying that?

9326781B871A38209E29AEED68A753F020462D01 (1280×720)

Oh, hey, that passkey opens this door, for some reason. I guess Mr. Moneybags wanted to take the back way out.

D32A36BEBC417C2A4202FE4AE6B80AF3F731E2B3 (1280×720)

Huh, there's nothing in here but some supply closets, and a hole in the floor back down to the ground floor....but where there?

53236DB711EF66885EBA1923A2B56BCA889ACCD9 (1280×720)

I think I'm in their vault...Wonder what's so valuable in here?

B31237DF8E128880ED96E95D1EA34FD4FDEA42C0 (1280×720)

More guns and drugs, but I'd hardly call that an epic haul...

30E43E0C1F1214C29E0BD22B3613C11B8C13FEFE (1280×720)

Hello. This thing looks a bit different from the regular plasma rifles....Hmmm, according to Nikolai Tesla And You Issue 48, this is an advanced prototype! Sweet!

E9748672061DB02604B07F11902A749F805A801C (1280×720)

The Q-35 is the real treasure of the Repconn building, though really, I don't see it as being a gamechanger or anything. Its simply a better, more damaging Plasma Rifle, nice but lacking in unique features. I didn't need it in my last playthrough where I focused on Energy Weapons, since I had energy weapons from the DLCs which were more interesting.

E4D1E26C34A5B7CF81B9BDAF1F6F2013F7401A8F (1280×720)

Glad to be out of there, now to profit from the whole endeavour.

C4E156EBD2137B946C2AD6CA46F6D75E8BC78883 (1280×720)

I'd like to make a currency exchange, my good sir robot.

E825EFACA276AF48FC17EBC0B37DFD09DD857964 (1280×720)

Just an example of how much modding a GRA Assault Carbine would cost. Between getting the GRA version and installing these 2 mods, it'd come out to about 10k, for a pretty good portable DPS gun with armor-piercing options. Given our current funds, I think we'll make do with what we have and build up our finances more.

9A684387EC949C4B629BB7BE952F97D57C01814D (1280×720)

I'd forgotten about this potential upgrade for our silenced pistol however. Not sure whether being able to burst fire from stealth is nessecarily better than our usual caps to the back of the head, but it is an option.

F8F07A9829841BFFEDA94FF9718D2D9D3A44B075 (1280×720)

Hey Boone!....You're still.....going pantless.....Okay.

2ED75C4927C122C7B7DBBC74541888872ED360D7 (1280×720)

And back to my own bed for a restful 2-hour snooze.

E7CC6411845447FE94DC7D32E430A9FAF3D8CF76 (1280×720)

Dump all this excess ammo....Actually, Ron, since you've got all those microfusion batteries anyway, you can take this fancy plasma rifle. For when you can't punch people effectively.

48C251FB818036613080F93AA3FE58D01AA25988 (1280×720)

Well, that was a productive day, but the night is still young!


Nice bit of serendipity to be able to get through that facility completely peacefully. When that robot on the top floor spotted me, I figured the jig was up and I was about to be up to my eyeballs in deathbots, but it turns out I had just enough luck to squeeze by. So, we have that unpleasantness out of the way.

So, where do we go now?
>Back to Hardin to enact a Brotherhood Usurpation?
>Back to McNamara to keep up our end of the bargain?
>Back to the Boomers to get them their plane and us a water-proofing?
> Or shall we put those aside a moment, and head to Caesar's Camp, to take advantage of having a companion who doesn't need to shoot every Legion agent she spots?

Other options available on request, but I think those are the main options that make sense right now. Also tell me if theres anything you want bought.


  1. Go to Caesar. If only to confirm what we all already know in Lat's head. She and Caesar won't get along, but it's worth RPing that experience.

    Possibly talk to Veronica about Hardin etc if she's willing, now that you have a little more information.