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Let's Play New Vegas Part 22C: Now with Almost Something Happening!

An update after only a week? Will miracles never cease? Now we can finally get close to an approximation of getting a move on.
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Don't look so smug about it, kid. Just take this 100 caps, and tell me your thinkings.

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Well, me, obviously, since the other two are kinda pointless without me for context.

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One would guess from the context that he's taking off his head-brace to 'let his mind expand', but the ingame model doesn't change. Maybe he's just loosening it?

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...That's it? I mean, sure, you've managed to know things I thought were personal, but still...

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.....Whatever. Keep not thinking, we'll see how un-vague I can make your forecast.

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I was a little worried that loading up on AP ammo would bankrupt us, but it was only about a thousand altogether. The added weight is more of a concern than the expense.

50E007281F947CA8B2FB7610CFD7324F9D0A4E5B (1280×720)

Okay,  Boone, I'm going to need you to hand over that Power Armor and Tux, I need them for something else.

29DDC828334D5B18C12CF116961B41A07597BDE7 (1280×720)

.....You ok like that? I mean, I guess you're not going to get cold out here, but....Okay, whatever.

I thought Boone automatically had a special outfit to put on whenever you didn't give him armor, but it appears I took it off him when I gave him the Tuxedo. Whoops. 

But this is Boone, so he's unlikely to care.

CAAA2CF86012D929971DCA0829C65FBFBF706541 (1280×720)

Boone's clipped, emotionless dialogue is pretty good for characterising him and getting across just how withdrawn he is and how much effort it takes to draw his backstory out of him, but it doesn't make for good LP fodder, since it'd be Lat saying basically everything. So I cut out asking him about Manny Vargas and getting a curt reply on how they're not friends anymore.

The Lucky 38 is extremely handy for when you want to try out multiple companions in a playthrough. In Fallout 3 you'd have to travel all over the Wasteland to pick up previously discarded companions, meaning every time you'd go on a DLC quest you'd have to go to Megaton to stash the DLC loot, then to Vault 101 to get Dogmeat, then to the DC Mall if you wanted to get Fawkes or Charon. The Lucky 38 gives you a central point for all these tasks, making it much simpler. Shame you have to go through 3 loading screens between the nearest travel point and the Suite.

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Well, maybe I'm just tired of the silent treatment. So, I guess we're a partnership now.

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A804971CFC658CD281A1EF35FBD96D0F4CB6578A (1280×720)

<Feigns Comedic Shock>

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CEA0704EEB17DE18655683FB9AC879E7E4FBBA00 (1280×720)

I can handle it. But I want you to be honest with me from here on out.

8DDF09DE65AC1155E5CFA23FD66ED78ADF44E821 (1280×720)

....It's sized for a man! And its got those wierd shoulder-pad like things that make me look like a bodybuilder. But its still the classiest thing I've found to wear so far.....

Like Boone, Veronica gives a special perk while she's your companion, although really its more of a text option: You can ask her to build things for you in the field, making her act like a walking workbench. This can be rather handy if you're an engineering type character, although with the DLC installed, there is another companion who can provide the same service even better. Still, this way we don't have to worry about Boones red filter making all the enemies look terrible in screenshots.

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1B48BBD1F0313958E0E7891BA5919F9B1118C525 (1280×720)

Yeah, not exactly a subtle touch. You have to be more flexible at time, and I don't get the sense that the Brotherhood are. That's something they have to work on.

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938C8B846F799779151B49BA92212CD7D1CA93D7 (1280×720)

Hey, it pays to be pro-active, I find. Wanting to change things to suit you is a good attitude towards life. So, Veronica, tell me a bit about yourself.

A31FA212C120D9089A5659F8FDB385D39295DA92 (1280×720)

Hah ha. No, seriously, aside from your ambitions of making the metalhead relevant again, what are your goals? What do you want out of traveling the Mojave?

076EAA7A739DC0859EF8FD88A1FA0CB6CF827DE9 (1280×720)

A dress?

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B88ACCB851C9BF62A8EB4CED3D6B086D92ED3B77 (1280×720)

Well, I can hardly blame you for wanting something stylish. But I hadn't pegged you for a fashion victim like me.

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AF42B4414EDC7E57AFBA4B0020C4CAA2857A1382 (1280×720)

(They knew fashion, sure, but they knew a lot less about taking cover....) Ok, Veronica, we might be going to a dangerous place, so I want you to put on Boones armor. You should know how to use it. And, there'll be a little something in the backpack for later.

70BF54F1191A156C75E3320B529A5479A1D893D4 (1280×720)

We'll ignore that this pretty dress was a tuxedo when Boone was wearing it...

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E5F3FCE5A9E2775D75A9230E78B3A61C757B9DE3 (1280×720)

Er....well I guess fists have infinite ammo....

AC03734B3846799FFB112A1B9032CB59105BF00B (1280×720)

Scribes know combat? Er, well, I guess I might need to know their tricks then.

61B81D4E8FAF20408C55B3350836A90F96A01836 (1280×720)

<Insert half an hour of a trained boxer in power armor beating on a tiny woman>

19ADC2B05843B4691780A77142D1D6A4E5C5BE8E (1280×720)

Owwww......Well, I know how to punch better now, but I think thats because you knocked other parts of my brain out to make room.

There are several special moves like this to be learnt throughout the game, should one wish to become proficient in unarmed combat and learn the melee fighting systems in the game outside of VATS. We will not be showing them off however.

419E3881C7CDBB0EE8D7552E15EDCDAD123A8658 (1280×720)

Phew, back at Repconn, and it should be time to head in. Stay close Veronica.

0C95DE5F31F35B885CD28C5FCEFFE6550892C3EA (1280×720)

I'll skip the pointless Q&A you can do with the robot, it doesn't tell you much except that Repconn was a subsidiary of RobCo, Mr. Houses company. And also, like every other robot in the game, it doesn't realise that everyone is dead and that 200 years have passed.

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88B65624A54A4098A89B13E048E3C73478FE6845 (1280×720)

(I kinda wonder who stole that and how far they got with it.)

Also, nice proofreading Obsidian.

8521EDEBE89F1BE15E8017A2E474ADCB35642F70 (1280×720)

I'm fairly certain these models get reused for various types of nutritious paste in the Old World Blues DLC.

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1BE5CE08D19498ACBC6A1086DACB6C3EB3FE2899 (1280×720)

This seems an odd thing to be bringing up on your publicity tour.

Surprisingly, the barrels are not actually radioactive.

571E1B04F64135AA52FCD3F4FE99CE0C6C810730 (1280×720)
42A05D29C8DD8516B713F8CF638FBF814C54F2CF (1280×720)

You might recognise this dome from the other Repconn location. We didn't get far enough into that quest to see the rockets however.

040740766E138061026D4098FE11C29619BB2338 (1280×720)

(Again, we have enough text to go through already, so I didn't bother with the plaques. If you really are curious, buy New Vegas yourself the next time its on sale in Steam! I heartily reccommend it!)

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476F5D19587D43FDFC2941A5E7DAB2409B751092 (1280×720)
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4A851425CC44BF90C3A53F8C37BA9FF67FDBBC4D (1280×720)
D0E910289A94159BC9B4CD21469FFA48368AFFA9 (1280×720)


256D49E734BE42004F4E02ED7F30CE758E28E035 (1280×720)

No thanks, I'll just see whats through this door, thank you.

C094EF45CA903BDC86DDBF2ACA71812DEF8C91F8 (1280×720)

Aaaaah, perfect. Thank you Ms Millet, you've been a wonderful decomposing help.

608D9872477E5495D8F282B3A11643A6CBFA363B (1280×720)

I'll take the time to raid this little shop on the way back. Ooh, another special cap.

A0EA541A9F9F912DE0CE0F95E9E294CD8B310505 (1280×720)

Gah, can't get into the back of the shop. No more keys around....Better move on.

I really have to start upping Lockpick, this is getting annoying.

7EC3799D4CB0DC35D232C64AE75E3F1E9D533ACA (1280×720)

So, time to tackle this again....


Not actionpacked, but hey, its progress right? I'm going to leave this post here a few days, to see if anyone wants to suggest any actions to try before we flip the switch and head into the more dangerous parts of the facility. Failing that, we should be ready to enter.

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