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Let's Play New Vegas Part 24b: Digressing from the difficult topics

So......another 3-month long gap. I can't say I really have an excuse this time either, it was basically a case of not being in a writing mood, since I had the pictures all captured months ago, I just didn't do the writeup. But, I guess I'm past my little bit of writers block now, so lets see what unimportant stuff I've been holding out on you about.

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Back to Novac to take stock. The Dino-lizard is closed up but there are still plenty of trading caravans passing through to dump stuff onto.

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Unfortunately these caravaneers have few caps and even less that someone like me needs, so I can't offload too much on one of them. Hurm.

7BBD61842750C32588FA1956A90FE9C72C8CA17A (1280×720)

Well they did say I could keep the room for the rest of the season, so I'll pass the time by getting more than 2 hours sleep for once. Right, this was my room, right?

F89B33433AFEEB29FB49F86483F43A1E7B7C77B1 (1280×720)

....Ok, maybe not. Er, sorry Mister.....Isaac, isn't it? The big singer from Reno?

7363AE6A819FC653997972DCE6BC30149DE35C18 (1280×720)

That's right. So, why are you so relieved to see the most dangerous woman in the Mojave?

A737584BA457AC4068B7FE5278CF11C2F0F3D625 (1280×720)

Yeah, I do, but I can hang out with Reno bigshots like Bishop. I'm a classy explorer. And why does someone like him want you dead anyway?

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9EAB37BF511202FD7F85233C5F9E0BBDEBB5F86F (1280×720)

Oh. And that why you're hiding out here, hoping the Legion will keep the hitmen away?

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C84CC04F2424A765FD3626EEF146C6FEF6E17435 (1280×720)


755962E072EFFCCEF029F5F2736109E47E79FAEC (1280×720)

Well good luck with dodging those bullets, pal. Ah, here's my room.

Sadly, there's not much one can do with Mr. Isaac, aside from a sidequest one can get in the Tops Casino to get him a new job. Since we have no real interest in the Tops so far, I'm guessing we don't care as much. There is no option to hand him in, as Reno is outside the games area.
Incidentally, Mr. Bishop is apparently the child of the Chosen One from Fallout 2, assuming said male Chosen One had the appropriate run-in with the elder Bishops wife or daughter.

429EFCE36B0C30CA915ECB5DAAF85C79B555F931 (1280×720)

Hmm, I left a lot of excess stuff in here too, which I need even less now. Guess its time to clear the place out and sell it at the Dinomosaur Shop.

462B251927B817440E5448BDD61183B4F92BF456 (1280×720)

It almost seems wrong staying asleep this long....

0B24FC352577DBD4C8018D9AAD48AF84561E3065 (1280×720)

Fresh new day, time to make some people poor.

64A8A7FC8DFDD3A8A561A7B58C154979357EF3C1 (1280×720)

Yes, its called 'having a large float of caps to get out of you'.

CABBC705155CDC0F2E367DD227B4A92ED5F9072A (1280×720)

Hurm, even then, 900 isn't enough for me. What supplies you have to make up the extra junk, that I actually need? More medical supplies is a good start....

B520C0AF7574934E4ABAE0E3513114A2B0FD6004 (1280×720)

Well, there is this overpriced rifle, but aside from that...damn, going to have to find another merchant.

Paciencia is the unique Hunting Rifle added by the Gun Runners Arsenal DLC, and makes a very formidable sniping weapon, with incredibly high Critical Hit damage and a scope. It wouldn't be a bad weapon to get, although right now we're not strong enough to fully handle the recoil, and it wipes out most of our accumulated money. I'll leave it up to the audience whether to invest in it or keep saving.

B855FC6B27B65CAB6777792946B0A9783EFB05B1 (1280×720)

Oh, hey Manny. Guess you're not missing Boone then?

6521F8A8793D5F66C571C332388559BFDE22844F (1280×720)
25EDD4A5FF7DB416BDC2A28BE381A4B0EB61D3C3 (1280×720)

Ah. What were the arguments about?

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81ED4F00D08CA04921AA65A8A9F664C75FACF20B (1280×720)

Ah, a shame. So, you were with one of the groups of local toughs?

71D49597958F98CF896D91EE26F900C85C929C5F (1280×720)

....No Comment.

00A152052EFA2988D5C190B2AD3DE6EC42617673 (1280×720)

Finally, someone with money. Take this armor, please.

43AAF3303E9F097A9F72E5CF756E8A815DD55F6D (1280×720)

If our Assault Carbine were the GRA version, we could have bought and installed these mods from her, but alas, that will have to wait I suppose.

B711D768C40D55E226DF9ADAE542F4FD32EF60A8 (1280×720)

Ok, back to the South and on to....More Ghouls, really?

0ADB463EB6555117F8F304B580275D0A98AE31D2 (1280×720)

Minor distraction. To the Cove!!

A3BEA73AA2C0B593772A75E7FDB66393E4E00C58 (1280×720)

It's true, Ron, but a little hutzpah makes shivs and bullets go a long way, and that's something the Legion has a lot of.

056997E4F5974D04B0B4F54DE3E0047366AC8DB8 (1280×720)

These shacks are shut up, but this area makes for a good sniper spot, if I needed one.

D19DA6CFF07FB1A70E456BFE374A88C87F83BED8 (1280×720)

This is a rather precariously placed vehicle, given that there's a whole town below.

45F4C7B8628182FC548E507E1C235D9F5FBED833 (1280×720)

And according to the clicker on my Pip-boy, whatever's inside ain't too safe.

5AFA48926F3C4C5AD0DFD620044DD4BF40158C64 (1280×720)

Cottonwood Cove. Could be bigger, but its not like we've seen much better so far.

ECF5AC9A0C8AE0DD6D309D7741FCE6C43DCF6711 (1280×720)

Before we say hi, lets do a quick Valuables Inspection, shall we Ron?

75FC6C745AF95D12B69BCBB984F9F582A1E98FF3 (1280×720)

Eh-heh-heh, good ol' drugs. Can't beat them for portable goodies.

In case I haven't mentioned, Hydra is for regenerating limbs over time. It would probably be a lot more useful in a game without Doctors Bags insta-healing limbs, but since its weightless, there's no harm keeping a few bottles in case the Bags run out in heavy fighting.

32A07352CBB959BD36527886C28CD9D01B35C39F (1280×720)

Ah, a convenient Legionnaire with a convenient raft. This looks like our ride.

00F32192131F80E36E671D7AA01B314E523536F8 (1280×720)

Nearly, just want to check a few things. Who are you soldier?

AB9CC0D4218D792C83E115424B6E55BEB4E45614 (1280×720)

Yes, yes, I just want to be certain. What's going to happen on that Hill?

078C608E49BCFBA1DB2CD5CFBE99EBA1BB35DC52 (1280×720)

....Eh? I know I'm getting special treatment, that's expected, but what does being a girl have to do with it?

0DBA0E033234D6236C3DB62440544D775D3849B2 (1280×720)

....What the Fuck?!

4E737A244E40BF69F549FA09B82D32B855A22BBF (1280×720)

I'm not going to say I'm not better than other women, but thats because I'm better than everyone. This deal is starting to look worse and worse....

6FF86237BD49C0DD0523EBFAAAB8313DD595B8A7 (1280×720)

What do you think, Ron? We head up the river, we're going to be surrounded by guys just like him. What's our move?


Well, compared to how Vulpes treated us, Lucullus isn't a gentleman at all. We've run right into one of the biggest issues with the Legion, they're incredibly sexist and female characters have a hard time dealing with all but their most enlightened members. This presents our prideful teenager with something of an issue.

Regardless of how we approach this, our ultimate goal remains to get to House's Bunker and activate the Securitrons, but there are a lot of ways to approach that:
1) Go nuts and start shooting Legion. This will mean a running gun battle all through one of the densest collections of enemies in the game, and we haven't even broken level 10 yet thanks to the Gifted trait we took on chargen. It's not impossible, but the fight would be tough, require a lot of luck with sneaking, and would probably get Veronica killed since the Legion are armed with similar weapons to her.
2) Ignore everything but the objective: Enter the compound, do the mission to activate the Securitrons, and get out, without interacting with any of the Legion.
3) Go in peacefully and have a chat with Caesar. (Warning: Caesar is surrounded by his Praetorian Guard who are armed with Ballistic Fists (AKA power fists that shoot shotgun shells when they punch you), so pissing him off would end very badly.). Then do the mission and leave.
4) Go in, talk to everyone, maybe get some sidequests, talk to Caesar in a friendly manner, then do the mission.
5) Do one of 2-4, but on the way out, start shooting like crazy and kill everyone in the camp
6) Do one of 2-4, but on the way out, start sneaking around and picking off people from cover (This won't work in Caesar's tent, his dogs will detect even someone using a Stealth Boy in such close quarters).
7) Do one of 2-4, but after getting back to Cottonwood Cove, kill Lucullus and run for it.
8) Do one of 2-4, but after getting back to Cottonwood Cove, open up the back of the truck and fill the town with the radioactive goodness inside.
9) Leave for now, and come back later after doing more quests for the Boomers and other groups.

Or various variations on these ideas. This is a situation that can be handled in a lot of ways. Not much else to note, so please, do let me know what you think I should do in the comments.

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  1. 3, 9 and 1 in that order. We have to give these gentlemen a demonstration of exactly what women are good for. Not necessarily not, but an example must be set.