Saturday, 22 June 2013

Let's Play New Vegas Pt 22A: All the little things

A smaller update this time, mainly because I want to break my habit of going a month between each update.

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Well, if I'm going to find these mission disks, I'd better get going. There's one set relatively nearby, best to get it out of the way.

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The magic stealth cloud ends really abruptly once you leave the valley. To me, that seems like it'd make the place stand out more than it'd hide it.

2B50DD7FCAD3F31594837CCABD9F450BB632E2CC (1280×720)

There's definitely a massive radio installation up in these hills, but I don't want to get up there. Hopefully the Brotherhood scouts stayed outside....what's that?

BB6CC9D820FE787F11CAB928AD6A127C1B92B68D (1280×720)

Aw geez, that's one ugly mutie. Nothing a .308 through the skull can't fix though.

89A803C390DDADBC5E0DECAA9DA3D7F5164A81D7 (1280×720)

Man, there's a whole pack of them here. And my pip-boy is picking up Rads, are those connected? What's up ahead?

71DF15A40BF62B95609262A40A5F942406985A5A (1280×720)

Woah, a bomb crater! And smack in the middle of it is the biggest one of them all.

142B437D2ED9CD2ABB73C72DE904446734EDD48A (1280×720)

One in the back of the head later....ah, there's the paladins, at the bottom of the crater.

9D02C9AC3861F285D919126F60C210A6DF699497 (1280×720)

Guessing from the bones that this is where the mut-things store their food and try to break it out of tin cans...Oof, its hot in here, better not linger.

9BD1F4E177BE29CC3F3334306813E0149113692B (1280×720)

Taking the Paladins armor would instantly overwiegh us, and they can't be passed to Boone since they're faction armor, so I just take their weapons, ammo, and of course the holotape.

Well, that wasn't hard. In fact, how the hell did these big burly guys in power armor get killed by chumps like these? Wow, these Brotherhood guys are BAD at this.

Of course, there's another group in the area much better suited to killing paladins and feeding them to Moe and the other Centaurs, but that's a tale for another time.

7CECAD1B3D35381B2113E4500457EF5F96629958 (1280×720)

Ok, that means the final tape is in this Repconn place. I hope I don't run into more annoying Ghouls like the last place.

2DBA08EABC96ED4B664439ACBD1969BB21657AFE (1280×720)

The journey is sadly uneventful. There are some areas of this game which are basically empty of enemies or other interesting features, and the journey from the Novac/Vegas highway to this place is one of them (unless you've pissed off the Legion in which case it's an annoying ambush point). So, enjoy this lovely landscape shot.

E3B28497C14544193C68524F7AE512713A7A3A05 (1280×720)

The HQ place seems to be surrounded with robots, but they don't appear to be kill-crazy like most robots, so this might not be too hard.

E05EC1C20519F42DA8C6F26A2B780C08FD9DC2B9 (1280×720)

....Or the place might be filled with the corpses of Raiders. That could happen too.

445517D0998305D0703D9925A6D0BC52C846275B (1280×720)

Much like in Fallout 3, Raider gear is of middling usefulness. Sometimes they carry unusual stuff like this plasma rifle, other times they're armed with pool cues. And while I appreciate the option of wearing a skull helmet and armor made of tires, I don't think its worth Lat's time taking everything here.

CF6318E4E450F1A43A8FC90A51A2E0ABA9459BFD (1280×720)

Ok, Mr. Friendly-for-Now Robot, I'm going!

673320BAF4B8ADAA88830DEEF6C240AA2013D2C4 (1280×720)

Well, that didn't go so well. Whaddya think, Boone, whats the next step?


I really thought more would happen getting to this point, but I'm at a decision point and I can take some more feedback. This one should have a much quicker turnaround.

So, somewhere in that large multistorey building is a holotape we need for our mission, but the robots inside sound like they'll get mad if we stick around. We have a few options.
1) Wait until the allotted time, and try to enter again, and sweettalk the robots as much as possible.
2) Sneak our way in, avoiding the robots as best we can and getting through with as little fuss as possible
3) Shoot our way in. This might be tough if there are enough high-level robots about, since we don't have as many tools for dealing with robotic enemies other than our stash of armor-piercing ammo. It might be an idea to stock up a little first.
4) Tech our way in, by using hacking and other exploits to trick the robots. Not as easy given  our lack of technical skills, but an option.
5) Sod the whole business and head off to do something else.

Of course, combinations of the above options are more than doable. Indeed, I'd imagine if one goes wrong we'd need another as a fallback plan.

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  1. Let's go with option one. Waiting around a little while won't do us any harm, and option 3 will deprive us of valuable ammo needed for murdering the Brotherhood at a later point.