Thursday, 8 March 2012

Memoirs of a New Vegas Bitch, Part 15

This session wasn't the most productive, but it was kinda cathartic, and I'd like to think it resulted in us seeing some useful possibilities if nothing else. 

Looking kinda nice there, Boone. You're matching me far better like that.

Thanks for the sunglasses by the way. Well, lets get our business done.

Yeah yeah yeah, you're too polite to pat me down for Maria, et cetera et cetera.

They really didn't hide the access to the Cashiers office very well. It kinda sticks out compared to all the fancy decorating on all the other doors.

But first....

You run a sloppy ship, Marjorie. Creepy marks, Cannibals, and a snooty attitude that should really only be reserved for me.

You are the weakest link. Goodbye.

I honestly don't know whats up with my reputation here. Originally it seemed to turn Vilified as soon as I killed Mortimer, then it relented and only made me Shunned, and then I improved it slightly by talking Heck out of starving the whole city, or something. And now I murder their leader, and they decide they have 'mixed feelings' about me. I respect that you put a faction reputation in the game, guys, but its a little confused.
Unlike the Legion or NCR, you can't reset your reputation with anyone else. All you can do is max out the good and bad bars and get Wild Child status with everyone. Which is ok if thats what you want, but I feel like a swinging meter from good to bad, with a way to change it to good if you work at it, might have worked out better. Then again, maybe they want actions to have consequences or something.

I think they spotted me. Oh well, on to phase 2.

Too late I realise that despite having keys for every other door in the hotel, this one only opens if you lockpick it. And me bereft of any ways to boost my mediocre lockpick. Nuts.

However, just as I'm about to shoot the cashier in frustration and call it a wash, he looks up at the woman pointing a gun at him and gets rather cross, and kindly unlocks the door to go try and hit me with a stick. AI can be such a wonderful thing at times.

I almost shoot Butler-Boone as I try to find where the Cashier ran off to (He seemed to realise his error after Boone shot him several times). Perhaps dressing Boone exactly like the people I was about to murder wasn't my brightest idea.

Oh there you are. In the front lobby, where I can make an example of you. Wonderful.

Your fancy whacking sticks will get you nothing!!!

...Is that Hecks bodyguard?

Oh wow, Hecks got a shotgun and he's joining in!! Hah!

...Ok maybe we went a little overboard.

Then again, no-one seems particularly put out by the shootout. They're just going back to their now-free drinks.

So, finally, we're in the Cashiers Office. Now to raid the place.

...This doesn't seem to be the windfall of cash, chems and guns I'd hoped for.

Is their stash in here?

In what is either very odd security or a massive oversight, the cashier doesn't have a key for the safe on them, so I'm again out of options for opening this thing.

So in a slightly meta-game-y fashion, I did some research on the Fallout Wiki, then head out of the hotel and into the Tops across the road, and up to Benny's secret room where I found Yes Man. There in the corner is a Skill Magazine, which will give a temporary +10 to Lockpick. Yeah, its kinda cheating, but after going to all that effort I felt I had to get that damned safe open.

Oh, and they still haven't cleared up Benny's body.

Interestingly enough, I got all my guns back automatically when I left the Casino, even though the guy who took them from me was dead and they weren't in the Cashiers Office. But then, since he wasn't there to take them, I get to keep them in the Hotel now. I suppose the programmers didn't want anyone screwing themselves out of their guns, but its another obvious game logic thing.

Anyway, read the Lockpicking Magazine, while chewing on some Tobaccy...

And Voila. Time to crack this baby open.

...Thats it? Fucking hell, did they move their money just before I came in? Agh, this place sucks.

I honestly think I could have gotten more by selling the magazine. Still, at least I get XP this way.

Guh, stupid casinos, stupid tribes, stupid robots talking about yesterdays news...

Just letting you know I've killed most of the White Gloves. They're not going to be an issue in the grand scheme of things. I'll figure out what to do with the Ultra-Luxe later.

Also the Omertas were planning something, taking over the Strip with their own army, or something along those lines. I killed thier bosses and put my own man in charge.

Guh. Thanks for reminding me I'm not even halfway done.

Ok, time to leave the Strip and take care of business in the hinterlands.

Hmmm, I noticed this wierd walled enclosure before. I wonder what it is, sitting in the middle of Freeside like this.

...Well, now I know what it used to be, at least.

Aww, its just another crappy camp.

Uh, no, I'm here to ask what this place is.

The Followers of the Apocalypse...Who exactly are you guys? What is your deal?

Scientists and Giveawayers. Right. And what exactly are you doing here, in the slums of a place a thousand miles from Addendum or whatever?

No shit. Well-armed and organised gangs taking stuff from the overly generous. What a world.

Ugh. I'm leaving before I catch Loser.

The Followers are a useful faction to befriend and the source of a lot of Freeside quests, but they're also incredibly altruistic and its hard to roleplay Lat's brand of Enlightened Self-Interest while doing errands for them. Plus, isn't it kinda beneath her now?

But, I still felt I should show where they are, in case people want to double back and poke around the Old Fort some more (If not to help, then maybe to rob the place?). If nothing else, theres a potential companion there if Boone stops being around to carry our stuff (though he might not be easy for a bitch like us to recruit).

This seems to be the other way out of Freeside, pointed more to the north. That should put us in the direction of these 'Boomers' I'm supposed to see about.

GAH!! Where do you people come from?!

...And there he goes. What was that?

This gesture of kindness would mean more if I didn't rate being shot in the head again over having to call the NCR for help.

Ordinarily I'd agree with the random ganger, but damn, that dude totally took me and Boone by surprise. I think these rangers might be professionals after all.

It just feels a little wierd getting NCR fame (somehow) enough to warrant the Emergency Radio, but simultaneously being warned by my Pip-Boy that completing any more Yes Man quests will piss the NCR off.

Crimson Caravan, huh? I think I heard that drunken woman in the Mojave Outpost say something about these guys. Good for paying work, I beleive.

What? Why does everyone in the NCR suddenly think I'm on their side? Do I have to convince them otherwise?

Not exactly the capital of mercantilism. The buildings look worse than the Brahmin.

Oh really? And how'd you manage to get that?

You mean like that tent in Novac? Huh. But aren't the bandits causing you trouble?

Pragmatic. I almost approve if it weren't so wasteful. Aaanyway, I should sell you all these legitimately acquired tuxedos and see if you have anything interesting.

Don't want to get caught unprepared again.

Ah, weapon mods. Sadly, unique weapons like Maria can't be modded, and none of the other mods fit our current weapons. We could try shopping around for more mods if you liked, but I'm not certain we've settled on our final loadout yet.

Some rather odd choices for reading material.

Ok, enough shopping, lets see whats really going down around here.

Indulge my curiosity. Tell me more about your company.

Huh, thats a little impressive. Don't you have competition?

Hhmm, well I'm sure you can do something about them, eventually, being so important. Speaking of which, you look a little overdressed for someone in charge of a border outpost.

Hmm. Well, good luck with that.

The only other person to talk to is a guy called Don who repeats himself a lot and points you back at Alice. Mainly this visit is to mark out a possible employer, if we're still thinking of working for money. The main reason, however, is if we wanted to recruit Rose back in Mojave Outpost. Then again, since Lat doesn't drink or even carry booze, I'm not sure what kind of benefit Rose might be beyond a warm body.

Huh, looks like more doctors. Well, I amn't going to be too stuck for medical supplies I guess.

Oh? I'd generally consider myself physically perfect, but I guess I might not mind an extra edge. Tell me more.

Oh. Sounds pretty cool. What about regular meds?

...Why can't there be any greedy doctors around?

Strangely, the buildings of Outer Vegas seem to be relatively intact, and yet noone is living in them.

Wait, Boone, what are you shooting at?

...Mole rats?

No, it seems it was this particularly ornery Brahmin.

And theres another one, looking at us all aggressively. Whats up with that?

More? So this is a Steer Hunting Trip now?

I mean seriously, these bullets aren't cheap.

I got nothing. The radar said they were enemies, so I shot them. I probably should have just left them for Boone to take care of.

Head under the collapsed highway, and ooh, a shack with some supplies.

Bunch of toys scattered around, like a kid lived here....What this?

Not exactly the star of my gun collection...

One of the games Lethal Joke weapons, it seems, this BB gun does 4 damage a shot but 70 on a crit (looked that up on the wiki). Not exactly a weapon I think I'd be using, but I'll take it home for the novelty.

Not too far now...who's this?

I've just shot 3 cows for looking at me funny. I'm not certain you want to antagonise me with your obtuse requests for handouts.

Well after a sales pitch like that, how could I refuse? I assume its about these 'Boomers' up ahead?

I knew that much at least. The relevant question is, how do I get past that?


...You're going to bet me, what, a few hundred caps that I can get to the Boomers and make them stop shooting me before I get reduced to fertiliser? Thats...not exactly a smart bet for me to take...not that I mind the risk, but I'd have to wonder how straight you're being with me.

Oh don't be such a baby.


So we're past the shenanigans on the Strip, and out into the wilderness to make our fortunes and meet some people. And this is the part of the game I'm dreading, because the Boomers are bastards to get to, particularly for frail girls with flimsy limbs like myself. It can be done, but I foresee a lot of reloads or metagaming to get there. 

So, a few choices:

1) Do we skip the Boomers to go do something else? We can go visit other settlements, or head south to find the Brotherhood, or around Vegas (north or south) to look for Great Khans.

2) If we do proceed, what do we do with George? Ignore him, take the bet, or just kill him in the hopes there'll be something on the corpse?

3) If we do manage to get inside Nellis, what kind of mood are we in? We'll be going to a lot of trouble just to meet these people, should we try being friendly? Should we try to punish them for their trying to bomb us (warning: The Boomers are not easy people to fight!)? Or should we say hi, and then turn around and leave? Maybe you can set conditions for how we react, based on the reception we get?

All suggestions and comments welcome, as always.


  1. I think the Wager sounds like the sort of thing Latooni might get behind. I'm not sure how well the Boomers reaction to pragmatism is likely to be. I think you take the bet, but leave Boone behind to keep George honest (OC reason: cause he's almost certain to get killed in the artillery hail). When you get there, you have to judge whether the boomers tech is worth having, and you can probably start slightly irate at them for shelling you.

    What: maybe having to solo the Boomers is hard? *shrugs*

  2. Given that George is obviously trying to scam us, I say we just kill him.

    As for the Boomers. Well, they don't know that we're here at the moment. And who knows, they may have good reason for shelling all life within a certain radius. Let's leave them alive... for now.