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Memoirs of a New Vegas Bitch, Part 11

And this time, we finally get through the games first 'act', and onto the main meat of things. Well, if you're following the main storyline at least, theres nothing stopping you depopulating the Mojave Wasteland before you ever set foot in Vegas itself. But since we're LPing rather than playing the game straight, I figure we'll stick to the main quest, at least until a fun opportunity comes up.

Hey, no problem, not like I need any of these big old things anyway.

A realistic approach to casino security. I like these guys.

So, you've got a proper lockup for these things, right?

How convenient. I mean, reassuring.

So, what do you guys have available, anyway?

Sounds awesome. I'll check those out right after I take my next bullet to the head.

I have all the weapons I need to do the job. I even have some grenades if I feel like overkill. But first, I want to see about the lead House gave me.

You look important, sitting behind the main desk there. Can I ask who you are?

Oh really? I thought Benny ran this place.

I'm sure a guy like that uses his right hand for all kinds of wholesome activities.

I don't think walking up to someone making a play to turn on House is a safe plan. I might do it anyway, but then I handle risk different from most people.

Ok, short version, I was delivering one of Houses valuable pieces of tech when he jumped me and shot me in the head. He wants it because House wants it, and it sounds like it does something pretty vital.

How about his special lighter, which I found on the corpses of the gangers he used to take me out?

Hey, I've made my case. You know Benny went off for a while, and that he didn't tell you why. And I bet he's been smiling like a Gecko ever since. So, I have the reason for that. Thats my pitch.

Yeah...I think things are a bit more serious than that. Benny's too dangerous to leave alone, he'll run for it if he catches wind of this. I'm going to take him out, right now.

You're a smart man, Swank. I'm glad to see the Tops will soon be in much better hands.

The XP from completing Speech challenges on Swank is enough to give me a level-up. Nothing wierd here, focusing on core skills. Swank can be convinced with either speech checks or presenting evidence of Benny's involvement, which are scattered throughout the early sections of the game. But all in all, I don't think he's exactly the model of loyalty.

This is the main gambling area, where under normal circumstances you'll see Benny and his bodyguards at the other end of the corridor. But it looks like Swanks come through, they're not here.

Oh boy! Here's the man himself! He must have left his bodyguards in his suite while he came to see what Swanks message was about. Biiiiiig mistake, Checkers.

Your aim needs a little work, Benny-boy!!

Hah! Not likely! I want answers slightly more than I want you dead, Benny, so I suggest you talk.

Give me one good reason why I shouldn't just ask your cold corpse.

AHAHAHAHA!! Thats a pretty big bluff, Benny boy. You trying to tell me your 4 ninja assassins are hiding behind the potted plants? You came down the elevator on your own, not my fault you're suddenly feeling lonely.

But you know what? I'll hear you out, one last time. I like seeing you squirm. Whats your deal?

Oh my, you'd keep a lady waiting? Not very gentlemanly, Benny dearest.

(Yeah, that sounds about right)

Aaaaand I've changed my mind. I'm fickle.

The first thing I try to do is pickpocket Benny to get his gun, but I don't see it in his inventory, probably because he has it equipped and visible on his character model. This is annoying, as theres an achievement for killing him with his own gun that I kinda wanted. And reloading and trying to manipulate his AI into de-equipping it is more work and more-metagame-y that I'm willing to do.

Especially since his AI is borked. Apparently being moved to his suite by my convincing Swank has put him into some kind of loop, as he keeps jumping into the elevator and heading to the opposite floor whenever I follow him. Hard to justify how this happens in-character, but for the sake of brevity I'll just overlook it.

That....was quite satisfying. Not quite enough to make up for the trouble I've been through, but damn, seeing your smug face turned to pudding has definitely made my day.

There are many ways of dealing with Benny, but they boil down to two outcomes, killing him here or letting him escape, to show up later. Needless to say, if we'd taken his offer to 'meet in private', we would have ended up with the latter.

Hmm, I don't think anyone even noticed, since theres no guards on the way. Well, guess I'll help myself them.

Ooh, custom 9mm. This thing is damned nice-feeling. Definite keeper.

And now I have the Platinum Chip. Pip-Boy can't really scan it, but there seems to be some kind of attached file it can read. Hmm, I wonder what these codes are for.

And finally, the real trophy. Hmm, its kinda baggy on me. Still, it makes a statement. "I shoot people in the head to keep their clothes clean for me", definitely.

Benny's suite. Not all that impressive, but its still far better than most of the wasteland gets.

Nothing in the bedroom save his silk jammies...wait, whats behind door number 3?

I'd like to apologise, but now we're back in the Exposition Zone.

You can start by telling me what you're doing in this...wierd...machine shop next to Benny's bed.

So you're how Benny found out about everything then? But you're a Securitron, rusty sure, but House should have control of you.

Benny reprogrammed you? Given he was dumb enough to forget his bodyguards, I doubt he was a master hacker.

Heh, typical smart guy, needing a ladys help. But what is this secret compartment for?

Yeah, sounds like your complaints drive got formatted or something. So, Yesman, Benny's corpse had this chip on it, and I couldn't find anything about it in the main room. What might you know, as his technical guy?

Uh-huh, that would make it valuable, given how paranoid the old bastard is.

Right, so, Benny's ultimate plan was....?

Wow. I wasn't sure if just asking you would really work, but it seems you can't keep your speaker shut.

Yeah, well, Benny was ambitious, not smart. So...What if I was to tell you to help me finish Bennys plan and take over Vegas?

Exactly! I'm liking you already, Yesman.

Hmm, duly noted. So, how to make House have an accident?

Don't worry about details like that. I've been inside, and whats more, House will let me in again, no questions asked.

I feel I should point out just how hilarious lines like this sound when Yes Man says them in his hyper-cheeful, always-positive tone of voice.

Uh, I just showed it to you a minute ago.

Hmm...I think I can see how that works. So, say I did all that, I'd still have to deal with the locals, in some way, to make sure they knew who was in charge.

...I really like you, Yesman. Its like you were made for me. So, which tribes should I 'get to know'?

Hmm, I'll need a refresher course...Tell about these 'Boomers'.

I suppose you can call it rude, but most door-to-door riff-raff in the wasteland could do with some shelling. I won't count them out yet. What about the Great Khans? I don't think they'll like to see me, after our last run-in.

Kicked around? I assume you don't just mean by me.

Well, we'll see about that, I'm pretty sure. Back to the Three Families, tell me about these 'Omertas'. I've heard the name.

Okay, anything else?

I'll agree on the tacky part, not sure how all this scheming fits in. Well, anyway, what about the White Gloves?

Well, Benny's judge of character is now spread across the walls down the corridor, so we'll give them a shot. The last one is the Brotherhood of Steel, not sure I know much about them.

Right, and if I wanted to work with them, I'd have to get a decent army together of non-robots. Fat chance of that. Well, we'll just have to see how it goes.

This is a point I didn't consider during my last playthrough, where House refusing to try peace with the Brotherhood being the big sticking point which led to me eventually turning on him. But Yes Man is right, this more traditionalist BoS would want all the delicious robots for themselves, making cooperation with anyone but NCR really difficult.

Ok, you mentioned Fortification Hill, which if I recall correctly is the Legions main stronghold. And thats the other location I could take the chip?

As interesting as that sounds, and I would like a giant robot, I'll deal with what's closer to home before I head into the belly of the beast.

Was that a stealth insult? Not sure how to take that. Well, whatever, I'll be back once Mr House has fallen down the stairs or whatever.

I suppose its nice to be able to rely on someone, even if they are brain-damaged robots.

Guess I found more of your stuff to take, Benny. Don't worry, you'll have company in hell soon enough.

Looks like the Chairmen noticed the body, and decided he wasn't worth the effort of cleaning up. I like these guys more and more.

Lets just say its a good thing you have red carpets up there.

Yes you are! I wish all my work made everyone happy!

Its only 100 caps, but hey, if you got it, flaunt it.

Ok, one more place to check...I doubt it'll be as ritzy as the Lucky 38 though.

....Ok, I admit, I'm impressed. Shame about the blotches in the cieling, but its impressive enough.

Damn, can't crack the safe...Well, theres all this useless booze, and some delicious fruit to try.

A proper meeting room, if I ever wanted to talk shop with a bunch of my lieutenants.

I'm actually kinda annoyed that the only way to get people in here is to let Benny trick you and have his goons jump you, then manuver their bodies onto the seats somehow. Not quite the effect I'd be looking for.

The bedroom isn't that good, really. Really, the big main room is your draw here, the rest of it is less Presidential and more 'At least the roaches are smaller than usual'.

Well, I've had a worthwhile day, and it looks like it might end up getting better. Cheers Benny, you're a generous soul in your death.


Ok, I think at this point its fairly obvious I'm planning to go for a Yes Man ending on this playthrough. It just fits Latoonis self-important, omni-competent personality the best, I think. I'll hear arguments that other options might be better, but unless I get a strenous response I doubt I'll be swayed. I still welcome any observations on the different endings.

We do have several other major questions to ask ourselves now:

Do we like the Tops? Are we going to just be neutral with the Chairmen and walk out, or try to replace Benny and act like we own the place, doing some sidequests, and using the Presidential Suite instead of the Lucky 38? Or are we going to fall back on our traitorous bitch ways and rob the place blind?

Do we just go kill House straight away, or do something else first? Which of the various groups should we deal with first? The Omertas and White Gloves are right there in the Strip, they seem the obvious choice, unless you want to settle old or new debts first.

And finally and most importantly....Are we going to wear Bennys Suit for the rest of the game, or at least the time being?

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  1. Go after the Omertas I say, they're an interesting bunch.
    ...and rock that suit, Lat. Ya look good in it.