Thursday, 19 January 2012

Memoirs of a New Vegas Bitch, Part 7

This update may be the make or break point on whether you guys like the current character of Latooni or not. Its certainly the first huge deviation I made from my last playthrough. We'll see how it goes.

Well, no point moping about the safe, better to clean out the last few feral ghouls, and then find the talking one.

Not much here expect a pile of gore left over from the ghouls last meal....oh hey! There are rockets here after all, it seems.

Right, I think I've found this door I was told about...

Smart boy. At least the ghouls around here have their heads screwed on, even if they're rotting off slowly...

Wait, what? You're not a ghoul, you're just some guy who smokes too much!

Pranks?! Ok, fuck you then. I'll go see this Jason guy.

Theres a lot of tech stuff lying around, and a lot of ghouls (which makes that guy at the door even more out of place). They're working on something big, but what?

...Whats that glowing thing coming down the corridor?

Oh god, you're one of the glowing ones. I'm lucky I'm not being sterilised right now.

No, I'm here because this place belongs to Novac and your feral pals outside were driving them away.

(Little late for that now...) And can I ask, whats the deal with the guy at the door? He seems to be racially confused...

You keep mentioning this 'Great Journey' thats gonna solve all your problems. Can you be a bit more specific with the details?

(You just try shooting most of them, it works for me...)

Demons...Thats a very...vague description. Can you say more?

(Sounds like a stealth field. I could fish the Stealthboys I found upstairs out of my pocket and become a demon right now.)

(So, wait, we're talking about a dozen ghouls kicking everyone from Novac in the first place?....Sounds about right.)

Uh...huh. Yeah, I'm just certain Zombie Jesus intervened to get me here. All the faces on my toast and the numbers in the clouds led me right here. Heh. No. I don't care about your little corpse cult, I was told you were causing an obstruction to the town, and to solve it. Chasing gremlins for you drugged-up mummies isn't part of that.

Yeah, and that really just demonstrates how sad you fucks are.

....Well, ok, I might reconsider if you told me what this Journey entails and whether it'd get you out of here faster.

Oh, now you fucking shut up about your big Jesus Plan. Then at least tell me where you want to go!

....Fuck you.

You wanna go to a better place in the sky, you dayglo prick? I'll provide.

And you too, you brain-damaged jerk!!

All of you can go straight to hell! I don't have time for your shit!

Me and Boone, we go hunting. If he's got any qualms about this, he doesn't show. Guess he seems them for what they are, bunch of crazy squatters. Takes us maybe 5 minutes to hunt them all down and loot the place.

Jason didn't even have any interesting loot, even his torn-up suit seemed to have welded itself to his skin as he became increasingly radioactive. Guy was a waste of oxygen already, brain half mush if ya ask me.

About the only thing worth a damn in the whole place are the small stash of laser pistols and Not-Ghoul-Guys stash of radiation meds. So he thought he was a ghoul, but since realised he needed Rad-Away just to stand close to Jason? Crazy people, eh?

Whatever. I've wasted enough time on this shit.

Its night time by the time I get outside, and after midnight by the time I reach the town. Theres a wierd smell of cordite in the air, like a load of rounds have gone off, but other than the Brahmin being panicky, there seems to be nothing to worry about.

It was a piece of piss, barely worth my time.

Benny. So that's the bastards name. I was ok with calling him Checkers, but I can hate a Benny too.

Apparently between 'helping' Manny and dealing with Jeannie May, the townsfolk around here consider me a good person to have around. Well, not sure that'll remain once they find out that the 'Demons' Jason mentioned are still around...

Actually thats a total lie, and one of the more dissappointing points of the game for me: The game doesn't update the RepCONN location to reflect you doing this quest. If you come back later, doesn't matter whether you killed the Ghouls and/or the Demons, or finished the full quest diplomatically, its still empty, no Novac treasure hunters cleaning the place out. In fact, the Feral Ghouls eventually respawn, which kinda undoes the whole point of your helping Manny out. I understand the need for respawning enemies but given that Repconn is cut off from everywhere but Novac, and has little relevance to anywhere but Novac, that the game could have updated it with a few touches like that to reflect how you solved things there. Instead they seem to assume you'll never go back except to harvest it for your own supply of raw materials or to open that damned safe, which I was dissappointed by. I like when the world is changed by your action's if only slightly.

Anyway, there now followed a segment of me running around the town looking for a bed to spend a few hours on until morning. But the only ones available where in Manny's (which felt kinda odd given Latoonis contempt for him) and Boones (which caused him to start bitching at you for being in his house, even though he's joined you. I eventually just used the wait function.

Well hey, thanks! I was just going to make you take these goddamn energy weapons off my hands, but sure, I'll welcome the room to offload my junk.

Maybe good deeds do pay...Then again the Legion will likely roll over this place in a week, so I'm not really getting all that much for my trouble.

And since you're so kind to take all this ammo and pointless weaponry away from me, I'll oblige in turn by buying your novelty gun. Thats public relations at work, Cliffy, remember that next time you try to peddle the radioactive dinosaurs.


Ok, lets see what dump I got to crash in.

Ok, not bad! The mildew and stains are at acceptable levels.

...The Teddy was unnessecary....but can stay for now.

Looks like I'll have enough storage to suit my needs. Especially this safe to store the really important things:

My lovely guns. Don't worry baby, I'll be back for you once I get enough Government rounds.

Better offload my shotguns too, too close-range. And I'll stash the Legion armor, in case I do need the disguise. But what about actual stuff to wear?

Not the greatest selection yet...but are they more fashionable that the leather? Gah, just not sure....

Gah, I'll sleep on it. Haven't rested my head properly in a while.

Goodnight Boone. I'll probably kill you in the morning.

(Just kidding. Unless he tries anything. Then he's a dead man.)


So! What did you all think of our first genuine murder spree? We've missed out on a whole bunch of XP and various loots, and chances to roleplay, but we've also avoided derailing the main plot entirely for another 2-3 updates.

This really is one of the more interesting sidequests in the game, and well worth playing through properly, but its long, travel-intensive, and is tough to complete easily unless you have a certain companion with you. And it requires you have a tolerance for crazy people. I don't think Latooni would have put up with their shit. And now they're dead.

So, we move onwards, up the highway to Boulder City, to pick up the next breadcrumb in Bennys trail. We only have a few things to think about:

1) Will we visit certain locations along the way, or leave them for later?
2) Will we change into one of the new costumes, finally forsaking the benefits of armor just to make things harder on ourselves?

All comments, relevant or otherwise, are welcome as always.

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